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Property Expenses
Foundation Need Repair After Repair Value (ARV)
Basement Estimated Purchase Price
Framing Cost of repair estimate (CORE)
Interior Finish Estimated hold time (months)
Need Interior Paint Loan To Value of Purchase Price (%)
Flooring Interest rate percentage on loan
Kitchen Points on loan
Appliances Annual property taxes
Bathroom Appraisal / Application fees
sheetrock Hazard insurance
Demolition and Dumpsters Other closing/financing expenses
Decks Attorney fees
Repair or Replace Septic Inspection expenses
Insulation Estimated monthly utility bills
Miscellanous Selling commission percentage
Purchase Summary
Suggested Maximum Allowable Offer (70% Rule)
Estimated Purchase Price
Holding and Renovations
Attorney fees Estimated renovation costs
Points on loan cost Property taxes
Property taxes (estimated escrow amount) Utility cost
Estimated title insurance Financing cost
Recording fees Total holding cost
Hazard insurance    
Appraisal/application fees    
Title search    
Total purchase price    
Loan amount    
Estimated cash needed to close    
Selling Summary
Estimated sale price
Attorney fees
Selling commission
Estimated transfer fee
Recording fees
Net sales price
Total purchase price
Estimated rehab cost
Holding cost
Estimated Net Profit
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